Precision medicine - At the heart of heart failure therapy


To select the right patient for the right treatment at the right time 


A MedTech start-up founded in 2019 based on patented technology. We provide a cutting-edge solution for guiding pacemaker implantation and optimize cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) for the treatment of heart failure using a novel biomarker measurement and an on-sight realtime evaluation approach. We identify the underlying substrate of the dyssynchronous heart failure to apply optimal therapy. Millions of heart failure patients worldwide will benefit from this groundbreaking approach. 


Our team has a long history of research, innovation, and product development within the field of cardiology, which has allowed the design of a disruptive product to fulfil the company's goals of becoming the new standard of care for pacemaker treatment in heart failure. The team is our biggest asset - with commercial experience from the med-tech industry, with three PhDs and four master's degrees, a combined experience of more than 50 years.

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Investment opportunity

The company offers a unique opportunity to take part in the MedTech endeavor together with a dedicated team of excellent medical and computer engineering experts.

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