Precision medicine - At the heart of heart failure therapy


To select the right patient for the right treatment at the right time 


Pacertool provide a novel proprietary biomarker through the PaCRTool-system to identify the underlying substrate for dyssynchronous Heart Failure, thereby enabling optimal treatment to the right patients at the right time. The PreSens-catheter, developed by Pacertool, is an intelligent solution that allows a rapid and straightforward diagnosis of dyssynchronous Heart Failure when connected to the system. The PaCRTool-system is a Value-Based Health Care solution, and millions of patients worldwide will benefit from Personalized Therapy with the PaCRTool-system and have secured optimal benefit from therapy, with increased responder rates to almost 100%, while saving costs to the health care provider. 


Our team has a long history of research, innovation, and product development within the field of cardiology, which has allowed the design of a disruptive product to fulfil the company's goals of becoming the new standard of care for pacemaker treatment in heart failure. The team is our biggest asset - with commercial experience from the med-tech industry, with three PhDs and four master's degrees, a combined experience of more than 50 years.

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Investment opportunity

The company offers a unique opportunity to take part in the MedTech endeavor together with a dedicated team of excellent medical and computer engineering experts.

We are searching for people who share our vision of expanding treatment opportunities while becoming world leaders within the field. Get in touch...

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Pacertool AS, 923190201,  Address: Oslo Sciencepark, Gaustadall√®en 21, 0349 Oslo, Norway
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