the right treatment for the right patient at the right time

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

the most efficient device therapy for heart failure has important shortcomings...

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) improves mortality and morbidity for heart failure patients and have contributed to better healthcare for millions of patients worldwide. In the era of CRT a large subpopulation of patients, not having benefits from therapy, have been identified, and a subset of patients may even get worse. The lack of response in patients receiving treatment comes at a high cost and is therefore associated with underutilization. It has been a major research task to identify patients for treatment, and selecting the right patients and optimize treatment to secure maximal response will improve the cost-effectiveness and ensure proper utilization of this powerful therapy. Our system solves the problem by accurately identify the patients with a biomarker measurement that provides diagnostic, predictive and prognostic information. With the PaCRTool-system the doctor can identify all patients who will benefit from therapy and provide guidance to secure optimal treatment in all patients. The groundbreaking treatment can be expanded to help heart failure patients and patients with atrial fibrillation to get maximal benefits from pacemaker therapy.

Pacertool Solution

a robust implantation supervision


1. Select the right patient based on novel diangostiv biomarker measures


2. Optimize lead position by individualized guidance- personalized therapy 


3. Validate the implantation to secure long-term benefits from pacemaker treatment in heart failure -precision medicine


The PaCRTool-system is established in the implantation lab and connected to the fluoroscopy system. The PaCRTool-system consists of a proprietary Signal Amplifier to acquire biopotentials from the patients, the heart and the PreSens-catheter, a workstation with proprietary software for measurement processing and system control syncing the PaCRTool software live X-ray and the main screen for procedural display. Personalized MRI/CT or ultrasound can be utilized in the system. The proprietary single-use disposable cardiac PreSens-catheter is the workhorse that provides the signals for biomarker measurements in the software.


Pacertool has been developed based on initially internal research at Oslo University Hospital and then through a national research project. It is based on four filed patents, two novel non-invasive measurement methods, and more than 5 years of extensive research and clinical testing. The PaCRTool system has been tested in a clinical observational study with 45 patients confirming biomarker properties of the measurements with sensitivity and specificity to detect responders above 95%. These findings are about to be published in peer-review journals. The ambition of the founders is to change the way current CRT is performed and deliver the new standard of care for pacemaker treatment in heart failure patients!