Heart Rhythm 2021 - Pacertool Biomarker


The Pacertool Biomarker was presented in four different posters at the annual Heart Rhythm Society meeting in Boston July 2021. The posters highlight the Biomarker nature of the proprietary Pacertool measurement (Time delay to peak Left Ventricular Pressure Rise -Td) that with high precision detects patients amenable to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy by identification of a reversible dyssynchronous substrate. It is demonstrated how this Biomarker can be useful in selecting optimal pacing modes in patients, and how it can be used to optimize left ventricular lead positioning. It is also demonstrated how the biomarker is different than traditional markers of cardiac contractility. We are greatful for the contribution to scientific advancement provided by the Hearth Rhythm Society to the benefit of patients!

Pacertool AS, org.nr. 923190201,  Address: Oslo Sciencepark, Gaustadall√®en 21, 0349 Oslo, Norway
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